How to Use E-Mail “Cold Calls” Without Falling into the SPAM Trap!

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Many of us speakers do regular cold calling by phone, in person, or by email.  Here's a great article, by my friend Ari Galper, that gives you some great tips on how to do cold calls without comming acros as too sales; or, in the case of email, not to be perceived as SPAM.  !!! Notice that the information in the article can be used for both email marketing and phone or in-person "cold calling." !!! How to Use E-Mail "Cold Calls" Without Falling into the SPAM Trap!           By Ari Galper, Founder of Unlock The Game™ "I always hear people talking about how e-mail is today's 'killer app,'" my coaching client Janice told me when we were discussing ways of making contact with prospects."But I'm afraid that people will…
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