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Are you Ready to Bring Your Speaking Skills to the Next Level? 

Are You Ready to Become a Professional Paid Speaker?

  • What is stopping you from providing high quality workshops, half-day seminars, or full-day seminars? 

  • What is it that stands in between your desire to speak and actually starting to get a whole string of paid speaking engagements?

  • Are you ready to take action and utilize your speaking skills to bring in a healthy income*?

* – the speaking business is a tough business and your income will primarily depend on how well you can sell yourself.  However, there are speakers bureaus and other services that can help you get speaking engagements.  Or you can join one of the big seminar companies, such as Fred Prior Seminars, SkillPath, etc.  Check regularly the blog portion of this site – I will post there tips on how to get more speaking engagements, as well as tips on how to ensure that you’ll provide great presentations and get repeat business.

If you have your own program that you are proud of, than this page is not for you [unless you want to diversify and want to get into different markets with different programs]; if, however, you have good speaking skills but you don not have a program that you can present currently, then check out the programs below!

!!! – All the facilitator kits/ workshops-in-a-box / seminar kits presented on this page have been published by Inscape Publishing, Inc.   Many of the programs below – such as the Everything DiSC®  Facilitation System – have been presented at more than a hundred Fortune 5OO company training events.  Each and everyone of the products below were developed by professional training designers and are high quality products that contain everything you need to give a presentation in as little as three days…  Or if you really have to, you could present your first presentation today.

Each Workshop/Seminar/Speaker Kit Contains:

  • Scripted seminars
  • Ice breakers
  • Group activities
  • Customizable PowerPoint Slides [except the iDx Programs, where there is less customization possible]
  • Professional, customizable handouts
  • Professional quality DVD to help enhance participants’ learning and keep their interest peaked [some of the programs have movie clips integrated right in the PowerPoint presentation]
  • and more…

Click on each of the picture below to get a full description of each program!

[Please contact me, E.G. Sebastian, at 877 37-373 if you have any questions about any of the programs.]

Everything DiSC Facilitation System
 Quick/Easy Solution for Effective Sales Training Presentation
Quick & Easy Solution for Effective Sales Training Presentation - idXready: DiSC®-Powered Selling
 Quick/Easy Solution for Effective Sales Training Presentation
Quick & Easy Solution for Effective Team-Building Presentation - idXready: Collaborative Skills for Teams idXready: Capitalizing on Team Talents

 Everything DiSC® Sales Facilitation Materials  

Everything DiSC Management Facilitator Kit
Everything DiSC Management Facilitator Kit
Adventures in Attitude
Adventures in Attitude Facilitator Kit
Coping & Stress Facilitator Kit
Coping & Stress Facilitator Kit
View a complete description of each of the above Facilitator Kits at
If you have any questions, or if you need more info, please contact E.G. Sebastian, toll free, at 877 379-3793 or by email at eg[AT]
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