FREE “Get Traffic to Your Site” Online 2-Day Seminar…. with Super Duper Technology

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Wow!!! Technology is just getting way out there...  YOU MUST CHECK THIS OUT, if for nothig else, just to see the technology they use... It is a FREE onine seminar about HOW TO DRIVE TRAFFIC TO YOUR SITE!  And God knows, we all need that, right?  So hop on and check it out; and if you have a website, then definitely it's worth signing up.  It's supposed to be a 2-days intensive learning and I believe they  even provide FREE access to the recording... Eighter, way, if for nothing else, just check out the new techno stuff they are using... Enjoy! Oh, here's the link: http://bit.lyDriveTraffic2YourSite See you there! E.G. PS - during the two-day online seminar, they'll provide valueable info that you can apply immediately; but as you'd expect,…
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Super great tips from’s CEO, Bob Parson! Except… for us, solo professionals, it is rather important to answer our phone. Of course, you have a caller ID – use it wisely. When you see the call comming from Aunt Emma, who tends to talk for hours; or from a friend who thinks just because you work from home you can chat at any time…, let the answering machine do its job. During working hours you should only answer business calls [and, of course, the call from your significant other, your kids, your kids school, etc.], that way you have more time on activities that result in income-generating activities. Enjoy the video! …
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