Useful Resources

Here are a few more resources that I use... - subscribe to Millionaire Blueprints and get inspired by how others went from "zero to hero" -- you can also buy back issues of the magazine - FREE online or in-print magazine filled with great tops on online marketing. "Target Marketing delivers hands-on, how-to-do-it editorial that gives you the tools you need to effectively develop, execute, and evaluate your direct marketing efforts. Whether it's direct mail, telemarketing, or websites, you'll get the ideas and insight you need to help you and your company market smarter and more profitably. Subscriptions are available free to individuals who meet pre-established demographic criteria." - Publish Your Books and Audio Products! This service came highly recommended by several people I know; I use -- check…
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Secrets to Paid Public Speaking Success #13 (of 101): Attract Coaching and Mentoring Clients with Public Speaking

101 Tips to Successful Paid/Public Speaking
[caption id="attachment_324" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Do You Provide Coaching or Mentoring Services?"][/caption] I'll tell you in a seocnd a few ways to attract new coaching/mentoring clients, but first I just have to give "homage" to public speaking: Public speaking is the greatest way to make a living... Just think about it: you get paid for doing what you love to do you often get paid an unbelivable amount of money for what you love to do you get to share your message to the world you get to travel (many of us speakers love that part) you get to meet countless wonderful people you have the ability not to just dream, but actually adopt what your creative juices inspire you to do or share you get to be seen by many…
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This Week’s Resources for Speakers, Coaches, Consultants, and Other Solo Professionals

Here are a few resources for you - Enjoy!  - generate residual income!  Upload your courses – video course, eCourse, teleClass recordings, etc. – and get paid for it.  It works best if you drive some traffic to your page…  It’s another credibility booster, as the search engines will find you providing your courses here as well… Contact Natasha Rubin at nRubin[at]theGiftedAssistant[dot]net   [don't forget to replace the stuff in the parenthesis] – CDs on demand – they’ll even ship to to customers I just ha d to mention Kunaki one more time, it's just so important for us speakers (coaches and other solo professionals).  You simply upload your mp3 and they'll create a professional looking audio product for you.  Make sure you'll check them out  They have very friendly…
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