How to Use E-Mail “Cold Calls” Without Falling into the SPAM Trap!

Generate Additional Income, Market/Promote Your Speaking
Here's a great article by my friend Ari Galper, Founder of Unlock The Game™ on how to email prospects without appearing like a spammer. Enjoy it! .... "I always hear people talking about how e-mail is today's 'killer app,'" my coaching client Janice told me when we were discussing ways of making contact with prospects. "But I'm afraid that people will think I'm spamming them if I try to e-mail them when we haven't met yet. I know I hate spam with a vengeance!" "You're not the only one," I told her. "Spammers have just about destroyed e-mail as a legitimate selling tool, but there are still ways you can use it to open communication rather than shutting it down right off the bat. E-mail is still a totally appropriate…
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