Secrets to Paid Public Speaking Success #9 (of 101) – FailProof Your Speaking Business

101 Tips to Successful Paid/Public Speaking
Image via Wikipedia Paid public speaking - or professional speaking - is very competitive; there are literally tens of thousands of speakers who want to make a living, or some on-the-side income, by presenting at conferences, association events, college and high school events, company training, or wherever they pay a speaker to deliver their message. The attraction to paid speaking is understandable.  An average speaker gets paid anywhere from $25oo to $5ooo per speech - be that 2o minutes or a 2-day workshop.  Just multiply that by 3 or 4 per week... or by 12 or 15 per month - that is, the number of times an "average" speaker speaks at different events.  That's an income that will attract lots of flies - oups, I meant people :) So, is there such…
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Secrets to Paid/Public Speaking Success – #2 [of 101] – How to Get More (or your first few) Speaking Gigs

101 Tips to Successful Paid/Public Speaking, Get Paid to $peak!, Market/Promote Your Speaking
Signup here, to get future posts in your email inbox:  In the summer of 2003, my coach (Jennifer-Hoy Saint-Laurent) asked me a simple question – right in our first coaching session: “If there was nothing to stop you, what would you attempt to accomplish?” (it’s a bit rephrased – I don’t recall the exact wording, but it’s really close); and without hesitation I said “I’d de be the next Anthony Robbins!  I’d love to speak to crowds, motivate people, entertain them… and potentially inspire my audience to create some meaningful changes in their lives..” “And… what is stopping you?” she asked.  And, boy, did I have reasons…  The truth is, I always knew that I wanted to become a motivational speaker, but I always knew that I’d never become one. …
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How to POSITION, PROMOTE and GET PAID as an Expert – by Brandon Burchard

Get Paid to $peak!, Market/Promote Your Speaking
Here's another great video from my mentor, Brendon Burchard. ... "This video will teach you specifically how to POSITION, PROMOTE and GET PAID as an expert. (Including WHAT to create and the sales psychology you’ll need to know to sell your information). This video teaches you: – How regular people become highly-paid experts – 3 things you need to WIN at in order to become the next guru in your field – 10 positioning pillars for displaying your credibility – The “Create Anything” framework experts use to create rapport and sales – 4 consumer insight questions you need to know – 10 advanced “value levers” that make people buy your stuff – THE secret golden ticket to building a database of customers (AWESOME)"  Brendon Burchard -- Click this link
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