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Secrets to Paid Public Speaking Success #9 (of 101) – FailProof Your Speaking Business

Paid public speaking – or professional speaking – is very competitive; there are literally tens of thousands of speakers who want to make a living, or some on-the-side income, by presenting at conferences, association events, college and high school events, company training, or wherever they pay a speaker to deliver their message.

The attraction to paid speaking is understandable. An average speaker gets paid anywhere from…

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Secrets to Paid Public Speaking Success #8(of 101) – Increase Your Bookings with Good Follow-Up

when you get a lead and you promise to follow up, do so promptly, on the date you promissed you’d do it.
the same applies if a meeting organizer – or speakers’ bureau – emails you or lives you a message on the phone, DON’T put off answering those messages
after speaking engagements, make sure to send a thank you card the very next day… Plus, you can add a reminder that if they rebook you within the next 3 month, they’ll get a 3O% off your regular fee.
Trust me, these little habits can add at least double your number of speaking engagements…

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