Secrets to Paid Public Speaking Success #9 (of 101) – FailProof Your Speaking Business

101 Tips to Successful Paid/Public Speaking
Image via Wikipedia Paid public speaking - or professional speaking - is very competitive; there are literally tens of thousands of speakers who want to make a living, or some on-the-side income, by presenting at conferences, association events, college and high school events, company training, or wherever they pay a speaker to deliver their message. The attraction to paid speaking is understandable.  An average speaker gets paid anywhere from $25oo to $5ooo per speech - be that 2o minutes or a 2-day workshop.  Just multiply that by 3 or 4 per week... or by 12 or 15 per month - that is, the number of times an "average" speaker speaks at different events.  That's an income that will attract lots of flies - oups, I meant people :) So, is there such…
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