Secrets to Paid/Public Speaking Success – #2 [of 101] – How to Get More (or your first few) Speaking Gigs

101 Tips to Successful Paid/Public Speaking, Get Paid to $peak!, Market/Promote Your Speaking
Signup here, to get future posts in your email inbox:  In the summer of 2003, my coach (Jennifer-Hoy Saint-Laurent) asked me a simple question – right in our first coaching session: “If there was nothing to stop you, what would you attempt to accomplish?” (it’s a bit rephrased – I don’t recall the exact wording, but it’s really close); and without hesitation I said “I’d de be the next Anthony Robbins!  I’d love to speak to crowds, motivate people, entertain them… and potentially inspire my audience to create some meaningful changes in their lives..” “And… what is stopping you?” she asked.  And, boy, did I have reasons…  The truth is, I always knew that I wanted to become a motivational speaker, but I always knew that I’d never become one. …
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The top, free, press release distribution sites. Why you should be including them in your PR & marketing campaign

Market/Promote Your Speaking
The top, free, press release distribution sites – A great article, wrtten by my friend Phil Davies, ; Enjoy! – For many PR professionals “free” press release distribution sites seem to instill a great deal of loathing. They are written off as a waste of time and generally not considered to be a viable way to distribute press releases. The problem was I kept seeing press releases from these free press release sites showing up in page 1 Google search results and page 1 on Google News. In some cases beating out results from major media outlets. I wanted to find out for myself what was going on, so over the past 5 years, I’ve registered and posted to hundreds of these sites, then evaluated the results. Hey, everyone…
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