Secrets to Paid Public Speaking Success #15 (of 101): Entertain Your Audience

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2 thoughts on “Secrets to Paid Public Speaking Success #15 (of 101): Entertain Your Audience

  1. Wonderful posting! As you’ll see from my signature, one of my benefits that I push of industry speakers vs. professional paid speakers is that my speakers educate AND entertain – not a boring one in the bunch!

    If you get people laughing, then you’ve got them listening. That’s when you have them open to receive your message.

    Personally, I think we take ourselves way too seriously and don’t have enough FUN and laughter in our lives, so speakers can help balance that!


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  2. … yes, and not only do people listen better when you provide an element of entertainment, but they stay awake (which helps any speakes self confidence 🙂 ), and they buy more of your stuff if you offer anything at the back of the room or from the platform.

    Thanks for your comment!

    Love your speaker site!

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