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This Week’s Resources for Speakers, Coaches, Consultants, and Other Solo Professionals

Here are a few resources for you – Enjoy!

  •  – generate residual income!  Upload your courses – video course, eCourse, teleClass recordings, etc. – and get paid for it.  It works best if you drive some traffic to your page…  It’s another credibility booster, as the search engines will find you providing your courses here as well…
    Contact Natasha Rubin at nRubin[at]theGiftedAssistant[dot]net   [don’t forget to replace the stuff in the parenthesis]
  • – CDs on demand – they’ll even ship to to customers
    I just ha d to mention Kunaki one more time, it’s just so important for us speakers (coaches and other solo professionals).  You simply upload your mp3 and they’ll create a professional looking audio product for you.  Make sure you’ll check them out  They have very friendly prices.
  • Find out your website’s rank and how to improve it – you also get a grade – super great tool! — input you website address and marvel at the results and all the great tips that you’ll get (you can imput a competitor site, BUT you don’t have to)
  • Connecting writers with editors: — You need an editor for your next written project – perhaps your book – this would be a great site to hook up with an editor.  For price comparison, shop arround at ( at eLance make sure to check their past work and how much they got paid in the past – if they didn’t make much, they are either beginners or not too good at what they do — check their ratings as well)
  • and – create viral videos for your business.  They’ll provide you with a whole library of royalty free music.
    FREE and paid version available (I believe I paid around $25 per year)

Do you have any experience with the above resources?  Share with us your experience…

What are some of your favorite online resources?  Post some in the comment section…

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Secrets to Paid Public Speaking Success #11 (of 101): Position Yourself as an Expert


Are You Perceived as an Expert on Your Topic?

Are You Perceived as an Expert on Your Topic?


People do business with people they know and trust… and we agreed that one of the best ways to get people to know you and trust you is through public speaking: worksops, seminars, keynotes…

That’s all true, but there’s a magical loop going on here.  The more you speak, the more you are perceived as an expert and the more you are perceived as an expert, the more you’ll be invited to speak…

Speak, Speak, Speak!

You see, to speak in front of crowds, you need 1. to get invited… or 2. you need to put on your own events.

I will tell you how to build your expert status, but first, let’s explore these two venues:

1. To get invited to speak at events, you need to be perceived as an authority in your topic… or at least you need to be known as very knowledgeable on your topic matter.  However, to get invited to speak at national – or even international events – you definitely need to be perceived as an expert in your topic.  And when you get to this point, that’s when you start getting paid the big bucks… When you get to this point, and you are an average speaker, this is when you’ll make $25oo.oo per speech, regardless of the length… and when you become a good speaker, that’s when you’ll start making $5ooo.oo and well beyond per presentation.  Now visualize speaking 1oo to 2oo times per year with this kinds of fees… Hmm… not bad, ey?

2. By putting on your own events, you can raise your expertise level in several ways:

a. You should consistently put on events that are on a very targetted niche [e.g. weight loss, productivity, stress management, internet marketing, etc. – it helps if it is even more niched, such as “How to Market Your Private Dental Practice”… or “Stress Management for Emergency Room Staff,” etc.]

b. Record your presentations and repurpose them:
– create audio and/or video products
– create online courses out of them
– transcribe your presentations [have someone transcribe them – I know someone who can do it for $3o per speaking hour – let me know if you need that resource] and transform your presentation into a book or booklet… into a series of articles… into an eCourse… parts for your newsletter or eZine that you are sending to your subscribers/followers

c. Whenever possible, give your presentation an angle that sounds like it benefits the community [e.g. Effective Communication for parents – reduce child abuse, improve family values, etc.] and invite the media to your event: newspaper & TV

There are some possible challenges with events that you put on [and I’ve been through each of them]:

  • to rent a professional looking space, it can be costly [I started out with $5o/day hotel meeting room, that held about 3o people… now, at times I rent space that costs $5oo and up for a full day; however, I speak mostly at events and I do only a very limited public workshops]
  • marketing your event can cost you in the thousands…. or you can stick to less expensive methods, such as
    – putting your flyers on billboards,
    – giving your flyers and other marketing materials to company managers and inviting them to your event + putting it on their billboards,
    –  try to get radio interviews by calling the stations and telling them how your topic ties into the daily news or how it’d benefit the community.  Try not to promote your event, but rather have an interview on your topic and mention in your interview that “If you want to learn more, join me at my upcoming event on…, at…, etc.]
    – use Twitter, FB, and other social media like crazy
    – ask your friends and enemies to promote your event on their jobs and to their friends
    – talk to your local TV stations as well
  • at times when you put on a public event, nobody seems to sign up for weeks… or you get only one or two people signing up… then in the last 2 days you have an influx of sign-ups, if you are lucky.  It can be really nerve wracking…

7 Ways to Build Your Expert Status

It takes a little time and some dedication to build an expert status, but the pay-off is well worth the time invested in it.  Here are a few ways that will help you develop your expert status:

  1. Consistently publish articles online – don’t waist your time submitting your article to too many sites. and are the two most popular sites with most views.  Putting your article on more sites, does not raise your link popularity as it used to in the past [it used to be that the more links went to your site, the higher you were ranked; however, google now sees it that the links come from the same article published multiple times and it will only count it as one link]
  2. Consistently publish articles offline in niched magazines, newsletters, newspaper, etc. – this is not so easy, but if you can pull this off, this is a great credibility adding factor.
  3. Consistently try to get the media to write or talk about you – there are some great books out there that can help you with that, such as “How to Get on Radio Talk Shows All Across America Without Leaving Your Homre or Office,” by Joe Sabath; “Guerrilla Publicity,” by Jay Conrad Levinson and Jill Lublin; or “On the Air,” by Al Parinello…
  4. Consistently upload videos to and and any other of your favorite video site you might have.  I’m using VideoWebWizard which has both a FREE version and a paid version [around $37 quarterly, if I remember correctly]; or you can use TrafficGeyser, which probably uploads your video to slightly more sites and podcasts, but it costs close to $1oo per month [they have a great affiliate program, so that’s one way to recoup some of your investment – just with a few sales, you have your monthly fee paid for AND you make some more money…  Personally, I only use VideoWebWizard at this point – it’s less costly and it provides almost the same service as TrafficGeyser.
  5. Start a blog on your niche topic and consistently post to it valuable info, including industry reports, and other niche-related valuable info
  6. Write your blog with the end in mind… Transform your blog – and your articles – into a book. The BOOK is the piece of the puzzle that proppels most speakers careers [as soon as my book – Communication Skills Magic – was out, I started getting countlessly more speaking gigs at fees that I was rarely been able to commend in the past]
  7. Allign yourself with other authorities and experts in your field.  Interview them, co-present workshops, co-create products, co-author books and articles… get creative and get hooked – that is, hook up with other great minds in your niche…

If you follow the above points, it will be only a matter of time that you’ll be viewed as an expert in your field.  You want to get to the point where the prospect enters your name in the search engine and they get pages and pages of your articles, videos, program descriptions, etc. letting them know that when they hire you to speak at their next event you will deliver value.

As Lao Ce said “The thousand steps journey starts with a single step…”  Start your journey towards becoming an expert in your field today.  Write a short article or make a short video… and commit to follow all of the above points.  And once you accomplish that, send me a thank you note :}

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Secrets to Paid Public Speaking Success #10 (of 101): Take Massive Action – Make it Happen!

Cliff Jumping

Take Massive Action - Get Out there and Be Seen!!!

“The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue hapiness.  You have to catch it yourself.”  ~ Benjamin Franklin ~

Once you have a program in place, it’s time to stop planning and start implementing; and, fact is, you become good by practicing your skill as much as possible, and you start getting paid once you get out there and  market yourself.  Here are a few tips that will ensure that you’ll “Make it Happen”:

  • Commit to contacting 5 to 10 businesses per day [or more, if your stomach can take it], ideally in person, or by phone.  Once you exhaust your local area, use the phone [I travel as far as 70+ miles to speak in person with company reps, and at imes I’l only see the receptionist…  I believe that nothing is as powerful as showing up in person and letting the other person see who s/he’d be dealing with if s/he hired me as a speaker.]
  • Practice your skills by speaking at least once a week – ideally 2 to 4 times.
    Enroll in your local Toastmasters club – or in several, if your time permits – and make your speeches related to the workshops or keynotes you intend to give at company conferences and other paid gigs.  Toastmasters is the best place to mess up – not only no one will mind, but you’ll also get some constructive feedback.
    Volunteer to speak at
    – Rotary,
    – Banks,
    – Realtors,
    – Car Dealerships,
    – Insurance Agencies,
    – Chamber of Commerce Events (contact Chambers from around your area as well)
    _ Chamber of Commerce Groups (Young Entrepreneur Group, etc.)
    –  Health Clubs – YMCA, etc.
    Many of these places have weekly or monthly meetings where they invite outside speakers.  Insurance Agencies, Realtors, and other businesses might even be able to pay you a small fee…  The key, however, in the beginning is to get more and more PRACTICE and VISIBILITY.
  • VIDEO RECORD EACH OF YOUR PRSENTATION WHENEVER POSSIBLE!!!!!! (You’ll thank me later, if you listen to me on this one…)
  • Pick topics that fit your audience (Time Management, Productivity, Stress Management, etc.)
  • Tweak your title to sound niche-specific: Time Management for Busy Realtors; Stress Management for Auto Sales Professionals, etc.

Take Massive Action – Get out there and be seen!!!

  • Talk for free or fee as often as possible
  • Put on teleclasses and webinars on your niche topic(s) (can have them transcribed and be the basis of a book or booklet)
  • Always collect names and grow your list
  • Write artices (check secret #11 on How to Position Yourself as an Expert in Your Niche)
  • Start a blog in your niche and write your posts “with the end in mind..” – turn your blog posts into a book later

Take massive action!  If you want to make it as a speaker, you must be seen… and must be good… but most importantly, you need to get to a point where speaking is a second nature to you and can be ready to speak whenever you are needed.

If you only follow only one of the “secrets” I shared with you – Secret #10 – you’ll already have a guaranteed success as a speaker.  Often all it takes is STOP PLANNING and TAKE ACTION!

“Do not confuse motion and progress. A rocking horse keeps moving, but does not make any progress.” ~ Alfred Montapert, Writer ~

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Remember!  If you do not have a professionally designed program, you can always get one at

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Secrets to Paid Public Speaking Success #9 (of 101) – FailProof Your Speaking Business

As a School Board member speaking at a High Sc...
Image via Wikipedia

Paid public speaking – or professional speaking – is very competitive; there are literally tens of thousands of speakers who want to make a living, or some on-the-side income, by presenting at conferences, association events, college and high school events, company training, or wherever they pay a speaker to deliver their message.

The attraction to paid speaking is understandable.  An average speaker gets paid anywhere from $25oo to $5ooo per speech – be that 2o minutes or a 2-day workshop.  Just multiply that by 3 or 4 per week… or by 12 or 15 per month – that is, the number of times an “average” speaker speaks at different events.  That’s an income that will attract lots of flies – oups, I meant people 🙂

So, is there such a thing as “FailProofing” your speaking career?

I’ll share a secret with you.  I’ve seen many better speakers out there then I am.  Yes, I’m funny and deliver decent content, but I’m not as professional as I’ve seen many other speakers – some of which, by the way, speak for free… yet, I get more speaking gigs than many of these great speakers, due to my positioning as an expert and because of my consistent marketing TO THE RIGHT NICHE.

Here are a few tips that will FailProof your paid speaking career:

  1. Find a niche where you have some expertise… or at least some real passion and lots of knowledge
  2. Position yourself as an expert, through articles, a very niched blog, video posts, write a book or two [they don’t have to be long – but must solve your niches fears, pain, challenges, problems, etc], and ocasionally volunteer to speak at your niche related events
  3. Market, market, market… Promote, promote, promote…  Spend at least 8O% of your time on marketing your speaking.  There’s a simple truth: the more you market yourself, the more speaking engagements you’ll get.  The key is to market yourself to entities that can afford your fees [exception when you market locally, you can work within their budget for a reduced fee]
  4. Develop a demo video and work with speakers bureaus.  You’ll pay 2o to 3o% fee, but those are gigs that you didn’t have to move a finger to get
  5. Treat your business like a REAL business.  Imagine you are the CEO of “YOU Inc.” and bring decissions acordingly, behave acordingly, and implement acordingly. 
    Make sure that Your Actions are in Line with Your Goals & Vision!
  6. Provide topics that are mandatory or highly desired, such as Diversity programs, How to Avoid Sexual Harrasment Charges and Other Litigations, Improving Customer Service, Improving Team Performance, Improving Managers’ Performance, Dealing with Difficult Customers/People/Coworkers/etc. 
    Talk to employees – if you have a chance – and find out what type of training did they have to go through every year.  Do some research of your own on each company to find out what do they pay for year after year…. and if you have expertise or knowledge in that area, offer your services
  7. Have a great program, so once you speak, you can easily get referrals [you can get professionally designed programs, with specific business solutions, at]

Now I do realize that some of the above points are repetitions from some previous poionts, but I believe in the old mantra “Repetition is the mother of learning” – we often hear something once or twice and it flies right by our ears; but when we hear it the 3d or 1oth time, we finally get it and implement it.

One thing is sure: if you apply the above 7 points, you’ll be a bussy speaker with a healthy income.  The key is to be consistent and keep “sharpening the saw” – keep improving by speaking as often as you can.

Let me know what you think?  Do you have any questions or comments on the above points, write in the comment section and I’ll reply to each of your questions…

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Professional Package for Recording Audio Products

Would you like to extend your audience’s experience beyond the walls of your venue and time slot of your presentation? Here’s an opportunity to do that while increasing your bottom line. Creative Digital Studios can help you create CDs of your presentations to sell at your seminars and on your website. Knowing that the economic climate is rough, they are offering SpeakerMatch members a special discount on a range of equipment and services for recording audio on to CDs and other formats. Their client list includes corporations such as Delta, Waffle House, Bellsouth and a number of speakers just like you. They’ve created a done-for-you package as well as one that is suited for the do-it-yourselfer. Here is some of what you’ll receive… Recording Equipment

 For more information and to see the special offer visit:


Bryan Caplovitz
Bryan Caplovitz

P.S. You can go to their website to sample some of their work.


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Bonus Resources!

Media Resources

Resources – Create your audio products with kunaki!

  • no upfront costs to create your product
  • just email them the mp3 file and they’ll create your audio product
  • support with CD cover design
  • low cost
  • they ship the product directly to your customers [drop shipping]
  • no need to set up inventory, shopping cart, payment methods, etc. – they take care of all of that for you… – Create audio products with; and of course, your teleclasses.

  • it records in pretty good quality
  • it is FREE
  • can allow your prospects, customers, etc. to listen online
  • listeners can download the mp3 file online for later listening – if you are not familiar with this gadget – and you love music – this is a must have. It’s an online radio that will remember your preferences and will play only the music you love…

You want some soft instrumental music while you work? You got it?

Some soothing yoga-type music, you got it!

Rock, pop, rap, country, etc. – it’s all there! Try it out! – Royalty FREE Pictures

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Secrets to Paid Public Speaking Success #8(of 101) – Increase Your Bookings with Good Follow-Up


The Devil is in the Follow-up!

I’m not proud of it, but I’ll admit it. I suck at follow-up and I probably lost 1os of thousands of dollars of speaking gig opportunities due to this little handicap. 

Now 7 years after I started, I’m much better at it [and I have an assistant who takes care of most of it] and it definitely shows on the # of bookings I’m getting. 


  • make sure when you talk to a prospect and you promise to follow up, do so promptly, on the date you promissed you’d do it
  • the same applies if a meeting organizer – or a speakers’ bureau rep – emails you or lives you a message on the phone, DON’T put off answering those messages
  • when you send out marketing materials, follow up with a phone call or email to check if they received your marketing materials[this is also a good time to ask – if you haven’t done so yet – if they hire outside speakers.. and when do they plan their educational programs… and mention that you’d love to be considered to provide one of those programs, if your expertise meets their needs]
  • after speaking engagements, make sure to send a thank you card the very next day… Plus, you can add a reminder that if they rebook you within the next 3 month, they’ll get a 3O% off your regular fee.

Trust me, these little habits can add at least double your number of speaking engagements – so soak them up and make them a integral habit of your business’ opperation [or delegate it to your assistant, if you have one] 

I know many speakers who use the SendOutCards service…  personally, I’m using cards designed by my own local printer; but if you are interested in SendOutCards, I have a great friend who can start you with that: [I do not get a referral fee, nor am I associated with Tarsha – she’s “only” a friend].


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Secrets to Paid Public Speaking Success #7(of 101) – Create a Professional Web Presence

Create a Great Web Presence!

Create a Great Web Presence for Your Speaking Business!

If you want to be taken seriously, you need to strive to project a professional image with all your marketing materials…

In the 21st Century, you won’t be taken seriously if you do not have a website; but if your website is of poor quality (and God knows I could list you a few bad examples) then you are worse of than not having a site at all…  Well, maybe I’m wrong with this one; I believe no matter how bad your site is, if you have a great offering, you’ll get at least a few local engagements…

I see several mistakes that ineffective speakers do on their websites:

1. They pay an inexpensive designer to build the site and it looks “home made”… and the sad part is, the website owner cannot add content to the site at will – s/he has to pay the web designer to modify the site each time.
! – now…., if you are not on low budget, this is the way to go – except do not chose the inexpensive web designer, as you usually get what you pay for (unless this web designer is oversees and a complete professional – you can find one at . 

I built most of my sites with web-based site builders, or with Dreamweaver… and recently with Microsoft Expression Web.  My sites built with the online site builders were the easiest to builld, have a professional look, and one of them comes up on the top of the search engines for several key keywords ( , build with — see another site that I built with site builder at )

2. They make the site more about themselves, describing qualifications, certifications, etc.; instead of focusing on the client’s benefits.  If you can help your audience members improve their time management, start out with a strong headline on “Get Proven and Effective Strategies for Time Management!” Then support that headline with some great bullet points… Each bullet point should address an area that you know the pottential client would really want.

3. Putting large blocks of text with multiple paragraphs on the home page (or any page).  Use instead bold, large headlines, subheadlines, and bullet points to describe your offerings.

4. Not having an opt-in box with an irresistable offer to collect visitors’ contact info.  Many people get to your site by total accident… or maybe you sent them there throgh hard work: twittering, FaceBook, or other online or offline strategies.  HOWEVER, if they go to your site once, even if they mean to visit again, they’ll most likely never come back.  That’s why it is CRUCIAL to collect their contact info, then you are able to send them valuable tips on  your niche topic, as well as shamelessly – or subtly – promote your speaking, coaching, or other services/products.
Use or to create low-cost professional looking eZines or newsletters.  Both of these services will provide you with the code to create the opt-in box on your site.  I use OneShoppingCart , which is a bit more pricey, but it provides a complete set of solutions for me, such as shopping cart, split testing for my promotions, autoresponder, upsell pages, and a ton more great features…

5. Not having your contact information easily accessible.  Make sure you have a tab on your navigation that’s clearly marked “Contact Us,” as well as you should have your contact info on the bottom of each page – I think that’s the law, but I could be wrong . Either way, it’s for your benefit; you do want to be reached by pottential clients.  Just be careful not to put your email address anywhere on your sites, but rather use this format: eg[at]egSebastian[dot]com (so the nasty email collection spamming robots can’t collect it from your site.  Or use  a “Contact Us” form that prospects fill out online and your web system will email it to your personal email inbox.  Just again, make sure you require your visitor to fill in a security code at the bottom of the form to verify that they are a human being, not a robot; or else you’ll get dozens of viagra and penis enlargment promotions day in and day out submitted by spamming robots…

6. Not having a video of your speaking on your site – one that’s easily accessible.  It should be either on the home page, right at the top where everyone can see it right away… or have a clear link close to the top of your main page, stating Click Here to View a Demo Video of Me (replace “me” with your name”).  If you do not have yet a video, make sure to have at least a good picture of you and if possible several pictures with you in action (speaking to different audiences)

7. Too large pictures or slow loading videos.  Any of these will result in people leaving your site.  There are tons of speakers out there – don’t do anything to make your visitor click away from your site.

Here’s another article on low- or now-cost website building that I wrote a few months ago:

Ok, I took a bit of a reverse approach on how to create a professional web presence, but I hope the above points will be helpful to you.  What do you think?  Leave some comments below… or if the comments box is missing,  click on the Comments link under the post title.

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5 Internet Marketing Tips

Here’s a great article from my good friend Zeke Camusio,

5 Internet Marketing Tips

Use Decoy OffersGo to fullsize image
Have you ever wondered why some stores sell an item for $100 and in the price tags says “Was $200?? That makes the current price look a lot better. Some people might think $100 is a lot of money for that item, but hey, it was $200, so you’re getting a great deal, right? Well, believe it or not, it works. This is because everything is either a great deal or an awful deal based on what you compare it with.

Psychologists call this “the principle of contrast.”  How can you use this to your benefit? My favorite way is to present two or more offers. One will be your current offer and then you’ll add some decoy offers. The decoy offers will be really bad deals, but they’ll make your main offer look great. For example, you can sell one can of your product at $19 and three cans at $25 with free shipping and feature this last offer as the weekly special. Try it; it works like a charm and there’s nothing unethical about it. You’ll keep your main offer and all you’re doing is making it look better by adding some not-so-attractive offers.

Write Your Marketing Copy First and Develop Your Product Around It
I’ve found this tactic to be extremely effective. Instead of creating a product and then writing the marketing message, I like writing the copy first because by trying to sell it with words, I get a much better understanding of what the audience really wants and I can give them that product or service.

People Buy from People, Not Companies
Your customers might have known your company first, but they bought from you because they liked you or the salesperson they dealt with. This is especially true in B2B. The takeaway here is: do a good job explaining how your company can help your clients but do a much better job connecting with your prospects at a personal level.

Acknowledge Your Biggest Fans
Do some of your fans re-tweet your posts, email your articles to their friends and send business your way? What are you doing for them? Are you taking the time to thank them at least? You should always monitor your brand, your website link and your own name (I use SocialMention) and every time someone says something nice about you, you should thank them. If you can do something else in return, by all means do.

Understand the Golden Rule of Blogging
Most blogs sucks and here’s why: they’re not appealing to the audience they’re writing for. The writing might be good, but the topics aren’t. Let’s say you sell electronics. Your blog shouldn’t be about your specials, the new employee you hired last week or you going to Aruba on vacations. Your blog should be about electronics.

Always ask yourself this question: who am I writing for? What kind of content do they want? It doesn’t matter if you don’t offer all the services you write about. For example, I own an online marketing agency and my audience is business owners. But, I don’t write about online marketing only; I write about topics that are of interest to business owners, such as lowering costs, motivating employees and off-line marketing.

Find out what your audience wants and give it to them.

If you want to share this article with your friends, you can send them this link:

Zeke Camusio
Internet Marketing Specialist