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Important Announcement for Business Consultants and Business Coaches!

The days where business coaches spend all their time, energy and effort looking for new clients is finally over. In fact, the current business coaching model has now been …

5 Internet Marketing Tips

Here’s a great article from my good friend Zeke Camusio, Enjoy! …. 5 Internet Marketing Tips Use Decoy Offers Have you ever wondered why some stores sell an item for $100 and in the price tags says “Was $200?? That makes the current price look a lot better. Some people might think $100 is a […]

FREE “Get Traffic to Your Site” Online 2-Day Seminar…. with Super Duper Technology

Wow!!! Technology is just getting way out there…  YOU MUST CHECK THIS OUT, if for nothig else, just to see the technology they use… It is a FREE onine seminar about HOW TO DRIVE TRAFFIC TO YOUR SITE!  And God knows, we all need that, right?  So hop on and check it out; and if […]

How to Use E-Mail “Cold Calls” Without Falling into the SPAM Trap!

Here’s a great article by my friend Ari Galper, Founder of Unlock The Game™ on how to email prospects without appearing like a spammer. Enjoy it! …. “I always hear people talking about how e-mail is today’s ‘killer app,’” my coaching client Janice told me when we were discussing ways of making contact with prospects. […]

Additional Income-Generating Activities for Public Speakers 1 – Coaching and/or Mentoring

  Speaking is one of the most rewarding professions that I know of.  It is one of the few professions where most of us get paid to speak on our topic of passion, while we also get to travel and meet lots and lots of wonderful people…  Most of us speakers totally love this life-style […]