Category: 101 Tips to Successful Paid/Public Speaking

Secrets to Paid Public Speaking Success #6 (of 101) – Build a Following of 1000 True Fans

You have a great message, right?  You believe that your message is useful to your audiences… or else you wouldn’t waste your time presenting it/them… Fact is, no matter what topic you pick, chances are that there are  millions of people out there who want to learn what you are  teaching… or who want to […]

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Secrets to Paid Public Speaking Success #5 (of 101) – Build a Relationship with Your Audience Members; Always Get Your Audience Members’ Contact Info!

Always collect the audience members’ names and email addresses.  Offer them an eCourse, a hot report, a hot eBook… that ties into the niche-topic that you talked about.  Make sure your offering has a hot title, such as “The 7 Little Known Secrets on How to…”  Make it an IRRESISTABLE OFFER.  ALSO! Tell your audience, […]

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Secrets to Paid/Public Speaking Success – #3 (of 101) – How to Set Your Speaking Fees

I regularly meet speakers who’ve been speaking for years – mostly speaking ocasionally – but never got paid.  Several of these speakers, spoke at annual conferences to rather large crowds, yet never got a penny for their efforts. What I found in my years of speaking is that some organizations – especially federal funded social […]

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Secrets to Paid Public Speaking Success #4 (of 101) – Shamelessly, but Subtly, Promote Your Services

To get more paid speaking engagements, make sure to let your audience know about your availability for public speaking engagements and about your coaching or other services…

During your presentation, include success stories with your coaching/consulting clients (or whatever profession you have), just to plant the seed that you are also a solo professional who’ll be able to help the audience members in person as well. ALSO mention casually that “Whenever I speak to groups….

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Secrets to Paid/Public Speaking Success – #2 [of 101] – How to Get More (or your first few) Speaking Gigs

Signup here, to get future posts in your email inbox:  Leave Blank:Do Not Change:Your email:  In the summer of 2003, my coach (Jennifer-Hoy Saint-Laurent) asked me a simple question – right in our first coaching session: “If there was nothing to stop you, what would you attempt to accomplish?” (it’s a bit rephrased – I […]

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Secrets to Paid/Public Speaking Success – #1 [of 101] – Be Authentic

Many of us start out in the speaking business as a result of being inspired by another speaker.  For me, for example, it was Anthony Robbins.  I thought “One day I’ll be the next Anthony Robbins”…  Which often leads us down on a path of non-authenticity, trying to be like someone else. I’ll be honest, […]

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