Secrets to Paid Public Speaking Success #4 (of 101) – Shamelessly, but Subtly, Promote Your Services

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[caption id="attachment_230" align="aligncenter" width="150" caption="Don't Forget to Promote Your Speaking, Coaching, etc. Services"][/caption] To get more paid speaking engagements, make sure to let your audience know about your availability for public speaking engagements and about your coaching or other services... During your presentation, include success stories with your coaching/consulting clients (or whatever profession you have), just to plant the seed that you are also a solo professional who’ll be able to help the audience members in person as well.  ALSO mention casually that “Whenever I speak to groups – whether it’s a corporate group, associations, youth groups, etc. – I always make sure to bring the best and latest information out there” – the key, again, is to let the audience members know that you speak to different groups…  Also,…
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FREE “Get Traffic to Your Site” Online 2-Day Seminar…. with Super Duper Technology

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Wow!!! Technology is just getting way out there...  YOU MUST CHECK THIS OUT, if for nothig else, just to see the technology they use... It is a FREE onine seminar about HOW TO DRIVE TRAFFIC TO YOUR SITE!  And God knows, we all need that, right?  So hop on and check it out; and if you have a website, then definitely it's worth signing up.  It's supposed to be a 2-days intensive learning and I believe they  even provide FREE access to the recording... Eighter, way, if for nothing else, just check out the new techno stuff they are using... Enjoy! Oh, here's the link: http://bit.lyDriveTraffic2YourSite See you there! E.G. PS - during the two-day online seminar, they'll provide valueable info that you can apply immediately; but as you'd expect,…
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