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Entries for May, 2010

Secrets to Paid Public Speaking Success #9 (of 101) – FailProof Your Speaking Business

Paid public speaking – or professional speaking – is very competitive; there are literally tens of thousands of speakers who want to make a living, or some on-the-side income, by presenting at conferences, association events, college and high school events, company training, or wherever they pay a speaker to deliver their message.

The attraction to paid speaking is understandable. An average speaker gets paid anywhere from…

Professional Package for Recording Audio Products

Would you like to extend your audience’s experience beyond the walls of your venue and time slot of your presentation? Here’s an opportunity to do that while increasing your bottom line. Creative Digital Studios can help you create CDs of your presentations to sell at your seminars and on your website. Knowing that the economic […]

Bonus Resources! – Create your audio products with kunaki! no upfront costs to create your product just email them the mp3 file and they’ll create your audio product support with CD cover design low cost they ship the product directly to your customers [drop shipping] no need to set up inventory, shopping cart, payment methods, etc. […]

Secrets to Paid Public Speaking Success #8(of 101) – Increase Your Bookings with Good Follow-Up

when you get a lead and you promise to follow up, do so promptly, on the date you promissed you’d do it.
the same applies if a meeting organizer – or speakers’ bureau – emails you or lives you a message on the phone, DON’T put off answering those messages
after speaking engagements, make sure to send a thank you card the very next day… Plus, you can add a reminder that if they rebook you within the next 3 month, they’ll get a 3O% off your regular fee.
Trust me, these little habits can add at least double your number of speaking engagements…

Secrets to Paid Public Speaking Success #7(of 101) – Create a Professional Web Presence

In the 21st Century, you won’t be taken seriously if you do not have a website; but if your website is of poor quality (and God knows I could list you a few bad examples) then you are worse of than not having a site at all… Well, maybe I’m wrong with this one; I believe no matter how bad your site is, if you have a great offering, you’ll get at least a few local engagements…

I see several mistakes that ineffective speakers do on their websites:

1. They pay an

5 Internet Marketing Tips

Here’s a great article from my good friend Zeke Camusio, Enjoy! …. 5 Internet Marketing Tips Use Decoy Offers Have you ever wondered why some stores sell an item for $100 and in the price tags says “Was $200?? That makes the current price look a lot better. Some people might think $100 is a […]

Get a Good Night’s Sleep Before Presenting – Learn the Real Dangers of Poor Sleep

All your experiences in life are a result that you “own” a body… I know it sounds like a “duuh!” statment, but so many of us mistreat this body of ours and then suffer for weeks, months, or even years – or even worse, we end up in some terminal disease or illness due to […]

Secrets to Paid Public Speaking Success #6 (of 101) – Build a Following of 1000 True Fans

You have a great message, right?  You believe that your message is useful to your audiences… or else you wouldn’t waste your time presenting it/them… Fact is, no matter what topic you pick, chances are that there are  millions of people out there who want to learn what you are  teaching… or who want to […]