Secrets to Paid/Public Speaking Success – #1 [of 101] – Be Authentic

101 Tips to Successful Paid/Public Speaking, Improve Your Speaking Skills
Many of us start out in the speaking business as a result of being inspired by another speaker.  For me, for example, it was Anthony Robbins.  I thought "One day I'll be the next Anthony Robbins"...  Which often leads us down on a path of non-authenticity, trying to be like someone else. I'll be honest, when I gave my first keynotes and workshops, I was so tensed that I forgot everything about Anthony Robbins; but instead I tried to be really "politically correct" and not screw up.  I was terrified that I'll say something wrong, I'll freeze and forget what I have to say, or make a full of myself in some other manner... It took me only about 2 years of regular speaking - 2 to 5 times/month - to…
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Are You Asking Too Much of Your Website?

Effective Speaker Site, Market/Promote Your Speaking
[caption id="attachment_168" align="alignleft" width="240" caption="Are You Asking too Much of Your Website?"][/caption] Brief Description of Article:  Don't get carried away thinking about the infinite possibilities of what a website can do.  Understand what your website should do for your business, and build it with that in mind. The internet has no limits.  It contains billions of pages relating to millions of different subjects, some with written text, some with audio or video, some with animation, and some with a little bit of everything.  The internet is the largest collection of information in human history, and it gets bigger and more complex every minute.  Exciting, isn’t it? Sure, it’s exciting, but when it comes to your company’s website, don’t get carried away.  Many people make the mistake of trying to cram…
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