Additional Income-Generating Activities for Public Speakers 1 – Coaching and/or Mentoring

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[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="227" caption="Don't Leave Money on the "Table"!"][/caption]   Speaking is one of the most rewarding professions that I know of.  It is one of the few professions where most of us get paid to speak on our topic of passion, while we also get to travel and meet lots and lots of wonderful people…  Most of us speakers totally love this life-style and would not give it up for anything in the world. However, some of us are parents, spouses... or just tired from being on the road all the time... so it's important to develop some new sources of income, while still capitalizing on your expertise.   One of the ways to get to stay home and generate some substantial income ($450 to $1000+ per client…
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