The top, free, press release distribution sites. Why you should be including them in your PR & marketing campaign

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The top, free, press release distribution sites – A great article, wrtten by my friend Phil Davies, ; Enjoy! – For many PR professionals “free” press release distribution sites seem to instill a great deal of loathing. They are written off as a waste of time and generally not considered to be a viable way to distribute press releases. The problem was I kept seeing press releases from these free press release sites showing up in page 1 Google search results and page 1 on Google News. In some cases beating out results from major media outlets. I wanted to find out for myself what was going on, so over the past 5 years, I’ve registered and posted to hundreds of these sites, then evaluated the results. Hey, everyone…
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Public Speaking… What’s the Difference between “Workshops” and “Seminars”?

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Beginner Speaker Dilemma - Do I put  on Workshops or Seminars...?  And, what the heck is the difference? A "workshop" is usually provided to a group of - ideally - 20 to 30 people (can be up to 100 or more, if the room is big enough and the set up is "friendly," such as people sitting at round tables). In a workshop, the workshop leader (that is, you) serves more as a facilitator than a speaker. You give an introductory statement and then you give your group an activity; or... you can start with an activity and then give an introductory statement... and then put on more activities: break the attendees into groups, instruct them to write on sticky flip charts on the wall..., have them complete individual activities...…
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The TOP 5 Ways to Get Expossure, Raise Trust, and Sell More Sevices and Products

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Here are the 5 Top Ways to Generate More Sales of Your Services and Products: 1. Live workshops 2. Teleseminars and Webinars 3. Talking Head Videos 4. Articles 5. Write a Book Do you need help implementing one of the above strategies?  Let me help you.  Give me a call at 843 252-9966 (E.G. Sebastian) or post some comments below this post. Do you know of a better way to generate clients and sales than any of the above 5 strategies?  Share it with us... Post it in the comments - thanks!
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